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Arlon Breweries

Arlon Breweries

Breweries have been springing up in Arlon for several years now. Whether they’re brun, blond, canned or bottled, these local beers take you on a unique journey to the heart of Arlon’s local produce. One thing’s for sure: There’s a beer for everyone!


The Brasserie d’Arlon, better known as BAC, is a cooperative of local brewers. Since 2015, the brewery has been expanding and today offers a wide range of beers.

AREL Brewing Project

The Arel Brewing Project was created in 2018. Drawing inspiration from American and British beers, they’ve turned the rules on their head with a unique blend of hops from Europe and all around the world.


“Les Sangliers” is the beer created by the carnival folk group of the same name.

Beers at the Tourist Office

You’ll find beers and glassware from these local breweries in the Tourist Office shop.

The Tourist Office store