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The ruins of the Autelbas castle

A castle with a lot of history !

In the heart of the village of Autelbas-Barnich stand the ruins of the medieval castle of Autelbas. Formerly the home of the d’Autel family, it has suffered extensive damage over the centuries. Today, only a few parts are still standing. Excavations and discoveries have enabled us to retrace the history of this emblematic place.

The Autelbas Museum

The second floor of the Autelbas Museum is devoted to the history of the castle and the d’Autel lineage. You can see reconstruction models of the stronghold from various periods. Documents and objects from the site are also preserved here.

The Museum of Autelbas also houses relics from the town’s former pottery production, including a collection of ceramic pots. Step back in time to discover centuries gone by…

The Autelbas Museum website