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The arboretum of Frassem

Frassem, a village close to nature

Nestled in the heart of nature, in the village of Frassem, the arboretum is a unique place, covering almost 2 hectares, with a certain calmness and beauty that is sure to seduce you.

There is plenty to discover!

The arboretum is the ideal place to admire our region’s tree and shrub species. There’s also a pond and an insect hotel.

Eating al fresco

Fancy a picnic? A space (tables/booth) is provided for you enjoy a meal on-the-go in this relaxing environment.

Walking in the arboretum

The arboretum offers an educational tour. You’ll find a number of boards displayed to explain and guide you through the arboretum.

Starting at the site itself, you can enjoy a 3 km walk in this peaceful setting, surrounded by nature.

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