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The Fouches and Heinsch marshes

The marshes

The marsh of Fouches and the marsh of Heinsch are unique places where you can enjoy a stroll and admire the typical flora and fauna of the province of Luxembourg.

The Fouches marsh

Part of the Upper Semois marsh complex, Fouches’ marshland is a haven of peace in the heart of nature that is unmissable.

A walking tour is available for young and older visitors alike. The proposed walk is about 2 km long.

Access to the wetland site is located opposite to No. 38 Chaussée Romaine .

Are you interested in discovering the Fouches marsh walking trail?
Visit the Natagora website to find out more about the place and its walking trail.

Natagora website

The Heinsch marsh

A country lane leads to the Heinsch wetland nature reserve. This one is well worth the detour. Its enchanting setting is sure to win you over. The landscape is remarkable, and each season offers its own special character.

You can walk around it by following a signposted path, guiding you through this wild landscape with the help of educational boards on display.

You can access the site via a gravel path opposite to No. 565 Route de Neufchâteau.

Are you interested in the Heinsch marsh circular walk?
Visit the Natagora website to find out more about the swamp and its walking trail.

Natagora website

Practical information

The marshes are free to access as long as the marked paths are respected. You can visit the Fouches and Heinsch marshlands accompanied by a guide: or 0475/87 10 76.

Guided tours