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The Faaschtebounen

The Faaschtebounen

The Faaschtebounen is a wedding festival held in Arlon. This event takes place every year on the first Sunday of Lent.

Children are invited to join the festival committee in wishing happiness and prosperity to young couples who were married the previous year. In exchange, the married couple tosses sweets, treats and coins to the children.
The members of the Festival Committee then present the married couple with a diploma to commemorate the day.

Song and musicians

Under the window of the bride and groom of the year, accompanied by a group of musicians, the children proudly sing the traditional Faaschtebounen song. They shout “‘t Ass Gléck an ärem Haus Geheit d’Faaschtebounen eraus” which means in Luxembourgish: “There’s a lot of joy in your home, throw us the Lent charms”.
Sweets and treats are then tossed to the children, who shout “Pennies, pennies, pennies”.

A long-standing tradition in Arlon

This is a typical Arlon tradition, the origins of which go back a long way in the city’s history. The word “Faaschtebounen” means Lent charms.

You too can get involved with to the Faaschtebounen!

Would you like to help keep the tradition going? Please contact us if you would like to become a volunteer (French required).

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