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Maitrank Festival

Maitrank Festival, a major event in Arlon folklore!

The Maitrank festival is one of Arlon’s flagship events. Organized by the festival committee, they take place on the fourth weekend of May, in Arlon city center.

Featuring the famous Arlon aperitif, the Maitrank festival offer activities such as the inauguration of the Maitrank fountain, concerts, a wooden toys festival and much more.

The Maitrank festival in Arlon attracts a huge number of participants every year. So, why not join the party?

Inauguration of the Maitrank fountain

The inauguration of the Maitrank fountain is an important event. It kicks off the festivities, and many participants flock there to enjoy the Maitrank and share a convivial moment.


The concerts are another highlight of Maitrank Festival. Artists perform on stage, providing a memorable musical evening for visitors.

Plenty of entertainment for all ages

During the Maitrank festival, the concerts are accompanied by a variety of activities, including a wooden toys festival, children’s shows, bouncy castles and street entertainment. There’s something for everyone and for every taste.

Join the Maitrank celebrations!

The Maitrank festival is a must for all lovers of Arlon folklore. So why not join the party and discover this iconic aperitif drink for yourself? Come and celebrate the Maitrank Festival with us!

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