Hirtzenberg hill in Arlon


This walking trail takes you around the highest peak in southern Belgium, Mont Hirtzenberg, which reaches a height of 465 metres. Here you will find a very pretty viewpoint from which to admire Arlon and cross a magnificent wood of deciduous and spruce trees. Taking a look back at history, decisive battles were fought on the mount during the French Revolution in 1794! General Jourdan’s Republicans valiantly defeated the Austrians of General Beaulieu.


Start: rue de Toernich, opposite No 182 (place called ‘La Maison blanche’ (The White House) – 6700 Arlon).

Waymarking: red rectangle on white background.

Extra infos

  • On foot
  • Level of difficulty (On foot) Middle
  • Duration of the route (On foot) 0:50