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The Maitrank

The Maitrank

Maitrank is a typical local product from the city of Arlon and can be enjoyed as an aperitif drink.
This drink is obtained by macerating plants called “sweet woodruff” in white wine. Oranges are also added to it.
Many people in Arlon make their own Maitrank, and everyone has their own recipe!
Sweet woodruff grows in beech woods around May, hence the name “Maitrank” (which literally translates to “May drink”).

There are several different Maitrank producers.

The Maitrank recipe

1 litre of Elbling or Rivaner white wine
12 sprigs of sweet woodruff (with unopened flowers)
50 g sugar
50 ml Cognac or Armagnac
1 orange, sliced
Leave to macerate for 2 days, then filter and bottle
Enjoy chilled, served with a slice of orange

The Maitrank Ambassadors

If you’d like to sample a hand-crafted Maitrank, there are Ho.Re.Ca establishments which are recognized by the “Maitrank Ambassadors” label. A label awarded by the Maison du Tourisme, which organizes the event in partnership with the Confrérie du Maitrank.

La Maison du Tourisme website

Maitrank in the Tourist Office

In our shop, you’ll find Maitrank on sale for 8€ a bottle. Many Maitrank-themed items are also on sale: jewelry, socks, Atoma notebooks, badges, magnets…

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